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Waves of Stripes

Rolling New Wave of Stripes Are Coming

Hi there, the weather looks pretty darn good today here at Moskav HQ. Cause we will be releasing a new wave of fresh and vibrant stripe tees on October 13th, 2021. So, the long anticipated new wave of stripes will be released to general public in a couple days time, but before all that, we are handing out a chance for you to get ahead of everybody else.

You can have 35% discount on all of pre-released stripe tees today.  So, go ahead. Scroll down and sign-up to get the special coupon code and other surprises just for you.

Today's only

Stripes Pre-Released

Get 35% Off. Pre-released Stripe Tee

Get a special cut price for the pre-released stripe tees. Today's only. Sign up & get yours now.
You can also get a chance to win giveaway worth 1.500K

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